Fun Things To Do in Northern Oregon

Northern Oregon is a haven for outdoor enthusiasts to enjoy. Here are some of the top things to do during your stay!

Outdoor Adventures

Discover the unspoiled beauty and thrilling excitement of Northern Oregon's great outdoors! From the rugged mountain trails to the tranquil coastal waters, there's a treasure trove of adventures waiting for you. Whether you're looking to hike the breathtaking trails, catch fresh crabs and clams in Netarts Bay, or explore sparkling rivers by kayak or stand-up paddleboard, Northern Oregon offers a diverse range of activities that nature enthusiasts of all skill levels can enjoy. With vibrant landscapes and an abundance of wildlife, this region's outdoor pursuits provide endless opportunities for exploration, relaxation, and unforgettable memories. Dive into your next adventure now and explore our guides to the best hiking, crabbing, kayaking, and more in the majestic Northern Oregon wilderness.

Museums & Attractions

Discover the cultural richness and local charm of Northern Oregon through its engaging museums, galleries, and attractions. Delve into the region's history at the Tillamook County Pioneer Museum, or wander through local galleries showcasing the creativity of the area. Experience the artisanal craft of salt-making at Jacobsen Salt Co., and for a taste of local life, explore the Tillamook Farmers Market and savor the region's freshest offerings. From history to art and from culinary delights to unique shopping experiences, Northern Oregon offers a diverse and enjoyable blend for every traveler. 

Restaurants, Breweries, & Fresh Seafood

Indulge in the tastes of Northern Oregon, a region renowned for its breweries, restaurants, and an abundance of fresh seafood. Grab a beer at Pelican Brewing Company, known for crafting distinctive pre-prohibition ales, or enjoy a leisurely meal at the Blue Agate Cafe, where locally sourced ingredients shine. Don't miss the chance to visit the Pacific Oyster Seafood Market, a staple in the community for more than 75 years, offering the freshest catches from the ocean. From hop-infused brews to succulent oysters, the flavors of Northern Oregon reflect the vibrant and diverse local landscape. Be sure to visit these local recommendations on your next trip to the Oregon coast.