Northern Oregon Coast Hiking

With its unspoiled public beaches, miles of hiking trails meandering through ancient old-growth forests, and offering grand views of the ocean, Oregon has rightfully earned the nickname Pacific Wonderland. If you're a nature lover or adventure seeker, you'll be delighted to know that our area features over 70 miles of trails, allowing you to explore the beauty of the forests, bays, and beaches. Scroll down to discover our top recommended local hikes to the Northern Oregon Coast.

Coastal and Beach Trails

Explore historic sites & secluded coves with these coastal gems:

Bayocean Spit Loop Hike

  • Beach and bay ramble out to the site of a 1920s area resort town swallowed by the unforgiving ocean
  • Moderate;  Distance: 7.8; Elevation change: 50

Cape Meares Hike

  • Hike from a beach to enjoy old growth spruce, a lighthouse, and clifftop vistas
  • Moderate;  Distance: 5.4; Elevation change: 885

Short Beach Hike

  • Hike an intriguing trail down to a narrow cobbled beach
  • Easy;  Distance: 1.4; Elevation change: 95

Oceanside to Netarts Hike

  • On this beach walk, find secluded coves, look for wildlife on Three Arch Rocks, and walk to Netarts Bay
  • Easy;  Distance: 6.4; Elevation change: 20

Netarts Spit Hike

  • Hike to the end of Northwest Oregon's longest spit
  • Moderate;  Distance: 11.2; Elevation change: 60

 Iconic Sights and Views 

Experience the diverse landscapes of the Northern Oregon Coast through these captivating trails:

Cape Lookout North Hike

  • Forested walk with elevation gain and loss and clifftop views
  • Moderate;  Distance: 9.6; Elevation change: 2340

Cape Lookout Hike

  • Whale-watching hike out to the tip of a dramatic peninsula
  • Moderate;  Distance: 5.0; Elevation change: 930

Cape Lookout South Hike

  • Shady hike down to a secluded beach at the base of the cliffs
  • Easy;  Distance: 3.6; Elevation change: 840

Whalen Island Loop Hike

  • Easy family loop hike exploring a coastal forest and estuary
  • Easy;  Distance: 1.4; Elevation change: 75

Sitka Sedge Loop Hike

  • Hike through dune woods to the beach and an estuary in a brand new state park
  • Easy;  Distance: 3.9; Elevation change: 80
overlooking the ocean from a high cliff in Oregon
rugged coast and moss covered rocks in Oregon at Cape Kiwanda




The Great Wilderness Adventure

Embrace the raw beauty and tranquility of Oregon's forests, dunes, and wetlands with these trails:

Sand Lake-Cape Kiwanda Hike

  • Hike the beach between a natural estuary and Cape Kiwanda's Great Dune
  • Moderate;  Distance: 8.2; Elevation change: 240

Cape Kiwanda Hike

  • Short hike to views of a stunning headland and the top of a high sand dune
  • Easy;  Distance: 2.2; Elevation change: 230

Nestucca Spit Loop Hike

  • Loop hike taking in a beach, wetlands, and an enchanted forest
  • Moderate;  Distance: 7.5; Elevation change: 60

Discover Your Next Adventure on the Northern Oregon Coast

From rugged coastal cliffs to serene estuaries, these trails offer experiences that will ignite your wanderlust and connect you with nature in a profound way. Whether you're looking for a tranquil beach walk or an invigorating hike through lush forests, the Northern Oregon Coast promises an unforgettable journey. Book your stay at one of our comfortable vacation rentals, lace up your hiking boots, and set forth on an adventure that you'll cherish for a lifetime. We're here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring a vacation filled with beauty, relaxation, and exploration. Join us and discover the Pacific Wonderland for yourself!